Top Tips to Invest in Portugal and Get Citizenship in 2024

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Top Tips to Invest in Portugal and Get Citizenship in 2024

by | Friday, 10 November 2023 | Immigration, Investment

invest in portugal and get citizenship


Invest in Portugal and get citizenship? Are you a non-European citizen interested in acquiring Portuguese nationality, enjoying the freedom to travel within the Schengen area, and exploring new career opportunities in Portugal? Look no further than the Golden Visa scheme. This article will delve into the details of this program, highlighting its benefits and requirements and guiding you through investing in Portugal to obtain citizenship. With our comprehensive expertise in financial and legal matters, we are your trusted partner in navigating the intricacies of this scheme.

Understanding the Golden Visa Scheme

The Golden Visa scheme is an initiative launched by the Portuguese government to attract foreign investors and stimulate economic growth. It offers a unique opportunity for non-European and non-European Economic Area citizens to invest in Portugal and gain citizenship, granting them the freedom to travel within the Schengen area and work in Portugal.

Benefits of the Golden Visa Scheme

1. Visa-Free Travel

One of the most significant advantages of the Golden Visa scheme is the ability to travel freely within the Schengen area. This includes popular destinations like France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Imagine exploring the rich cultural heritage of Europe without the hassle of visa applications and restrictions.

2. Portuguese Citizenship

Investing in Portugal through the Golden Visa scheme grants you residency and paves the way to Portuguese citizenship. After a certain period, typically five years, you become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship, opening doors to numerous opportunities, including access to the European Union.

3. Diverse Investment Options

The Golden Visa scheme offers a range of investment options to suit different preferences and financial capabilities. There are ample opportunities for investors, from real estate investments to job creation, venture capital funds, and scientific research. This flexibility ensures that the program caters to various investment objectives.

4. Family Reunification

The Golden Visa scheme benefits immediate family members, including spouses, dependent children, and parents. This means your loved ones can also enjoy the advantages of Portuguese residency and citizenship, fostering a sense of unity and security for your entire family.

Requirements for the Golden Visa Scheme

To qualify for the Golden Visa scheme, specific requirements must be met. These requirements ensure that applicants are genuine investors committed to contributing to Portugal’s economic growth. Let’s explore the critical prerequisites in detail:

1. Investment Thresholds

Applicants must fulfil the minimum investment thresholds set by the Portuguese government. These thresholds vary depending on the chosen investment option. The most common investment routes are real estate, job creation, venture capital, and research. It is crucial to carefully evaluate your financial capacity and investment goals before proceeding.

2. Compliance with the Legal Framework

All investments made under the Golden Visa scheme must comply with the legal framework established by the Portuguese government. This ensures that investments are legitimate transparent, and contribute to the country’s development. Working with reputable legal and financial advisors can help navigate this aspect effectively.

3. Maintenance of Investments

To retain your Golden Visa status, it is essential to maintain your investments for a specified period. The exact duration varies depending on the chosen investment route. Failure to meet this requirement could result in the revocation of your residency and potential loss of the path to citizenship.

Investment Options under the Golden Visa Scheme

The Golden Visa scheme offers several investment options, allowing you to choose the path that aligns with your investment goals and preferences. Here are the primary investment routes available:

1. Job Creation

By creating at least ten job positions in Portugal, investors can qualify for the Golden Visa scheme. This option benefits the investor and contributes to the local economy by generating employment opportunities. Collaborating with local authorities and recruitment agencies is essential to ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations.

2. Capital Funds

Investing in Portuguese capital funds is attractive for those looking to support innovation and entrepreneurship. By contributing a minimum of €500,000 to a qualifying fund, investors can gain access to the Golden Visa scheme. This investment route allows individuals to participate in the growth of promising startups and emerging industries.

3. Scientific Research or Cultural Activities

Portugal is home to renowned research institutions and universities, making it an ideal destination for those interested in scientific research. By investing a minimum of €350,000 in a research project approved by the Portuguese authorities, applicants can qualify for the Golden Visa scheme. This investment option contributes to scientific advancements and offers valuable networking opportunities. Alternatively, one may transfer €250,000 or more to support the investment or artistic production, recovery, and maintenance of national cultural heritage through certain entities that develop projects related to artistic output or the recovery and maintenance of the national cultural heritage.

Application Process and Timeline

The application process for the Golden Visa scheme involves several steps, including document preparation, investment execution, and application submission to the Portuguese authorities. While the process may seem complex, working with experienced professionals simplifies the journey. Here is an overview of the application process and timeline:

  1. Preparation Phase: During this phase, gather the necessary documents, such as identification, proof of funds, and investment details. Seek guidance from legal and financial advisors to ensure accurate preparation.
  2. Investment Execution: Once all the required documents are in order, execute the chosen investment. Whether purchasing real estate or investing in venture capital funds, adhere to the legal requirements and engage with reputable professionals.
  3. Application Submission: Compile the completed application form, supporting documents, and proof of investment. Apply to the Portuguese authorities, ensuring compliance with the specified guidelines and regulations.
  4. Application Review: The Portuguese authorities will review your application, verifying its completeness and compliance. This process typically takes several months, and you may be required to provide additional documentation or clarifications.
  5. Residency Permit Issuance: Upon approval of your application, you will receive a residency permit, granting you the right to reside in Portugal and enjoy the benefits of the Golden Visa scheme. The residency permit is typically valid for one year and can be renewed.
  6. Path to Citizenship: After maintaining your residency for a specific period, typically five years, you become eligible to apply for Portuguese citizenship. This step involves additional documentation and fulfilling citizenship requirements established by the Portuguese government.


To invest in Portugal and get citizenship through the Golden Visa is an excellent opportunity for non-European citizens seeking residency, visa-free travel within the Schengen area, and the potential path to Portuguese citizenship. With diverse investment options and numerous benefits, the Golden Visa scheme offers a compelling proposition for those exploring new horizons. Partner with us, your trusted advisors, to navigate the complexities of this program and embark on an exciting journey towards a brighter future.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal, financial, or investment advice. Please consult with professionals specialized in Portuguese taxation before making any tax-related decision.

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