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Businesses Since 1995

The founding of Madeira Corporate Services (MCS) dates back to 1995. MCS started as a corporate service provider in the Madeira International Business Center and rapidly became a leading management company.

International Business Centre of Madeira

Tax Benefits for Internationalization

“One-stop-boutique” concept, ranging from the formation of companies to ongoing corporate services (Corporate and Management Assistance).

Madeira’s International Shipping Register

Oil Rigs, Ship & Yachts Benefits
The Madeira Registry offers special advantages for vessels and crews registered under the Portuguese flag.

Portuguese Golden Visa and NHR Tax Regime

Golden Visa and Individual Tax Benefits
Visa by Investment in Portugal; Citizenship and Passport; Professional advice; Investment opportunities; Residency; Property investment.

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Madeira Corporate Services

We assist people in thriving in their business by offering them the required security, confidence and quality to succeed in the rapidly evolving worldwide financial markets whilst staying true to our core values and maintaining high ethical standards.

Our Values:


Professionalism and Ethics;


Efficiency and Practicality;


Integrity and Respect;


Responsibility and Fairness;




Reliability and Stewardship.

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The latest news about MCS, Corporate Business, Expat Advisory & Vessel Registration.
Tax advisors or a tale as old as time

Tax advisors or a tale as old as time

As tax advisors since 1995, we have heard our fair share of tales as old as the time of expats relocating to Portuguese territory for immigration and tax purposes, ending up not complying with Portuguese tax law and therefore facing unpleasant surprises (penalties,...

Real Estate Bubble in Portugal. When will it burst?

Real Estate Bubble in Portugal. When will it burst?

The risk of a real estate bubble in Portugal (and Madeira Island) exists. The conclusion is from Bloomberg after an analysis carried out on 19 OECD countries, including Portugal, and taking into account factors such as the house price-to-rent ratio, the house...

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