We are NO LONGER ACCEPTING clients to file Model 3 IRS returns for the 2023 tax year.

Real Estate Management

We can help you manage your real estate in Madeira Island…
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Real Estate Management

Given the booming real estate market in Madeira and Porto Santo Island (after all the Autonomous Region of Madeira is Portugal’s unique all-year tourism destination since the 19th century), we work with and independent team of legal experts is ready to assist you with your real estate investment.

It is advisable that you have your own lawyer to confirm all the legal documents of the property to avoid potential problems arising from the purchase.

MCS works with lawyers who are independent from real estate agents and contractors, in order to assure unbiased support to its clients.

Should you opt to profit immediately from your real estate investment, through the touristic short-term rentals (known in Portugal as alojamento local) our team is ready to assist you in dealing with all the required paperwork.

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