We are NO LONGER ACCEPTING clients to file Model 3 IRS returns for the 2023 tax year.

Tax Compliance, Accounting & Auditing

Every aspect of accounting and taxation, from incorporation to dissolution, falls within the purview of our accounting department.
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Tax Compliance, Accounting & Auditing Services

Our services go well beyond accounting and tax preparation basics, one of our distinguishing features. By looking at customers’ companies from the inside out, our team hopes to deliver a more all-encompassing service and help them make more informed, long-term choices.
Apart from pure accounting services, we also assist companies with human resources. We are committed to serving as an extension of our clientele by addressing their personnel management requirements. In addition to handling payroll, the service providers will file any necessary reports.

Tax Compliance

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– Periodic monthly and quarterly VAT returns
– VAT refund request
– Monthly and quarterly recapitulative statements
– Form 3 – IRS
– Form 4 – Acquisition and/or disposal of securities
– Form 10 – Residents’ income and withholdings
– Form 21 – RFI request for tax residence certificate
– Form 22 – Corporate Income Tax
– Form 25 – Donations received
– Form 30 – Payments to non-residents
– Form 39 – Income and withholdings at tax-free rates
– Form 44 – Annual rental declaration
– IES – Simplified Business Information
– Model RFI’s – Exemption from withholding tax
– Flat-rate scheme for agricultural producers
– SGPS declaration – Inventory of shareholdings
– Communication of SAF-T invoicing files
– Communication of inventories

Accounting and management

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– Organisation and maintenance of tax files
– Updating the company’s registration with the various public bodies
– Filling in statistics
– Completion of COPE – Bank of Portugal
– Preparing periodic financial reports
– Preparation of reports and accounts
– Supporting the preparation of the management report
– Drawing up minutes
– Periodic accounts presentation meeting

Human Resources

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– Payroll
– Issuing tax payment slips
– Annual pay statements
– Sending the DMR – Monthly Remuneration Statement
– Single report
– Communication of the hiring/termination of employees
– Updating Social Security data

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