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If you are a non-resident individual or company with assets in Portugal, you need to appoint a Tax / Fiscal Representative in Portugal. Let’s begin?

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Just Order online and receive your NIF (Portuguese Tax Number) in PDF format on a designated email.
Fiscal Representative in Portugal
Who needs this service?

If you are a non-Portuguese and non-EU resident and…

Have a property in Portugal

You own a business or have an income subject to income tax (IRS) in Portugal

Have at least one bank account with a Portuguese credit institution

You have applied for residency in Portugal from non-EU Country

If you live in Portugal but you are away more than 6 months and 1 day

Portugal NIF
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Tax Representative?

A tax representative is a natural or legal person who is a resident of Portugal for tax reasons and agrees to function as a liaison between the non-resident taxpayer and the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority. If the non-resident taxpayer conducts VAT-exempt business in Portugal, the fiscal representative must also be a VAT-exempt taxpayer in Portugal.

The fiscal representative must comply with the following:

  • Report on his tax liabilities to his represented party.
  • Maintain communication with the represented taxpayer of the legal dates for meeting its tax liabilities.
  • Receipt of fees and taxes payable from the represented party and submission to the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority.
  • Assure compliance with all of its represented taxpayer’s tax obligations in Portuguese territory.
  • Intervene on behalf of the represented taxpayer as necessary, ensuring the latter’s tax rights

Should you decide to become a tax representative for a friend or family member, in order to assist with their relocation to Madeira, be sure to talk with a lawyer or a board-certified accountant to better understand the implications of said appointment. As implied by the responsibilities mentioned above, a tax representative must be a highly qualified and proficient entity in Portuguese tax law.

Failure to comply with Portuguese tax duties leads to severe fines or criminal liability that can easily be avoided.

Do I need NIF (Portuguese Tax Number)?

The NIF is required for anyone wishing to live, study, work or invest in Portugal, regardless of their tax residency status. You can apply for one here.

Exist any Penalties if i don't have a tax representative?
Failure to comply with Portuguese tax duties leads to severe fines or criminal liability that can easily be avoided.
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