Sephardic Jews Citizenship

After more than 500 years, following the expulsion law issued by H.M. the King Manuel I of Portugal in 1492, the Portuguese Government now grants citizenship rights to the descendants of Jews that were once persecuted.

The rights apply to all those Jews who can demonstrate a “traditional connection” to a Community with Portuguese Sephardic origins, either through family name, family language (use of Ladino), direct of collateral ancestry and/or any other suitable proofs to demonstrate such connection.

In any case a certificate issued by the Portuguese Jewish Community is required, which can only be acquired by presenting to the said Community a series of documents, namely:

  • Proof of residence;
  • Evidence of the applicant’s family history of connection to a Sephardic Community of Portuguese origin;
  • Proof of Judaism, in accordance with Halacha or have at least one Jewish parent. This proof can be Certificate of a Chief Rabbi, letter of an orthodox Rabbi recognized by organizations with halachic credibility, teudat nisuin of the parents, ketubah, membership of and orthodox Community, etc.)

MCS is ready to assist its Sephardic Jew clients in obtaining Portuguese Citizenship, a process that can be quite demanding and not straight forward given the bureaucratic burden.

Our team of expert consultants in citizenship count with more than 20 years of experience.

Sephardic Jews Citizenship

Sephardic Jews Citizenship

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