Our Services

If you are looking into incorporating a company, a trust or a foundation in the MIBC, in Portugal or any other jurisdiction our team of independent legal experts is ready to assist you will all the required paperwork so that your business or investment is compliant with all the legal requirements.

All clients are assured of receiving effective and consistent control of the needs of their businesses,Given this we provide services for

  • Transfer of company headquarters to and from foreign jurisdictions
  • Provision of head offices
  • Board of Directors and conclusion of contracts or business.
  • Legal representation

We offer our clients a full range of tax consultancy services.

In this way we can assure that all tax and social security obligations of their companies are fulfilled in accordance with the most recent national and international standards and requirements.

Our accounting and auditing services include, among others:

  • Statutory Accounting;
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns for VAT, INTRASTAT, summary statement of VAT, Corporate Income Tax (IRC) and IES forms;
  • Assistance in closing annual accounts;
  • Assistance with inspections made by Tax Authorities;
  • Transfer pricing files;
  • Audits.

Our team of experts is also available to assist you with your personal income tax obligations, namely:

  • Updating tax residency status;
  • Preparing and filing personal income tax returns (IRS);
  • Analyzing your personal income structure and applying for the Non-Habitual tax residency status.  

Given the booming real estate market in Madeira and Porto Santo Island (after all the Autonomous Region of Madeira is Portugal’s unique all year tourism destination since the 19th century), our team of independent legal experts are ready to assist you with your real estate investment. It is advisable that you have your own layer to confirm all the legal documents of the property to avoid potential problems arising from the purchase.

Should you opt to profit immediately form your real estate investment, through the touristic short-term rentals (know in Portugal as alojamento local) our team is ready to assist you in dealing with all the required paperwork:

  • Licensing;
  • Start up of economic activity with the Portuguese Tax Authority;
  • Guest invoicing; and
  • Guest reporting to the Portuguese Borders and Aliens Authority.

Because we believe that our clients’ time is important, concerns with red tape and paperwork can be avoided.

MCS provides the following services to our clients:

  • Drafting correspondence;
  • Handling incoming and outgoing correspondence;
  • Drafting minutes of the corporate bodies and keeping the corporate books;
  • Opening of bank accounts, subject to the bank’s internal compliance requirements;
  • Depository services for documents and corporate files for the period that is legally required;
  • Fiscal representation of non-resident entities;
  • Leasing of office spaces as required for registered offices;
  • Assistance in the recruitment and hiring of the client’s own staff in Madeira;
  • Administrative and cash management;
  • Human Resources;
  • Request for tax reimbursement;
  • Assistance in all compliance matters required for the companies.

Doing business abroad is all about saving time with trivial day-to-day issues and getting focused in what really matters, your business. At MCS we are happy to provide your business with:

  • Travel arrangements (flights and hotels);
  • Contracting Hygiene & Cleaning services for registered offices and executives’ residences;
  • Organization of conferences and events;
  • Custom transport.

Because we know that time with those who are important to you is the most important thing, we can assist our clients who are relocating or have relocated to Madeira with:

  • Travel arrangements (flights and hotels), when arriving to or departing from Madeira;
  • Indication of, and assistance with enrolling students in the best schools in Madeira, namely Madeira International School and Madeira British School;
  • Custom transport, when arriving to or departing from Madeira;
  • Opening of bank accounts, subject to the bank’s internal compliance requirements;
  • Assistance with application health insurance (Portuguese National Health System or Private Insurance Companies);
  • Access to a network of real estate brokers;
  • Translation of legal documents.

Under the Madeira International Ship Registry, our team at MCS assists our clients, from start to finish, with registration of commercial ships, pleasure yachts and oil rigs.

Our legal know-how and experience enable us to provide services that go beyond vessel registration and legal representation. In partnership with top-tier law firms, MCS legally assists them, from a Portuguese and European legal perspective, with the drafting, review and registration of mortgage contracts on commercial vessel registered with the Madeira International Ship Registry.

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Our Services

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