Portugal Golden Visa

If you are a non-European Union national and you are looking to either acquire Portuguese citizenship or travel freely through the European Schengen Area, then Golden Visa regime is for you and your family.

This Regime is designed not only to provide the applicant and its family with a residence permit in Portugal, but also to allow hassle-free travel through the 29 countries that comprise the European Schengen area.

The Portuguese Golden Visa is obtained by fulfilling one of several existing investment criteria, as determined by law, and of which we highlight the following:

  • Deposit 1 million Euros, or more, in a Portuguese bank;
  • Acquire real estate property for at least 500 000 Euros in Portugal;
  • Philanthropic donations to arts or sciences of at least 250 000 Euros in Portugal, as established by law.

Portugal is the best EU country if you are considering investment by citizenship:

  • No minimum stay requirements, other than 2 weeks per year;
  • Full access to the Schengen Area;
  • Family and children of the main applicant can benefit from the regime;
  • Investment is not limited to real estate;
  • Philanthropic donations may qualify as investment;

On top of the advantages mentioned above, you and your family can:

  • Apply for Portuguese permanent residency after 5 years; and
  • Apply for Portuguese citizenship (World Top Tier Passport with visa-free access to 156 countries and territories) after 6 years.

MCS can guide and assist you throughout the entire Golden Visa process. It is crucial to ensure proper compliance with the applicable formalities in the year of relocation and in the subsequent years of residence in Portugal in order to fully benefit from the potential advantages of the Golden Visa.

We invite you to download and read our brochure on the Golden Visa regime, available in our Press section, for more information or to directly contact us.

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Golden Visa

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