Corporate Services

For more than 20 years we have been adding value to companies seated in the International Business Center of Madeira (IBC-M), the island’s unique competitive special tax regime, by providing all the services which they require within a “one-stop-boutique” concept.

To that extent, we provide the following corporate services:

  • Formation of companies and their respective statutory changes;
  • Staff recruitment;
  • Compliance with all tax and social requirements regarding employees;
  • Full accounting services and tax consulting;
  • Secretarial assistance;
  • Invoicing;
  • Translations;
  • Opening bank accounts;
  • Contracting IT equipment and services, e-mail fields and digital platforms

All in all, everything for our clients to focus on the essential: THEIR BUSINESS.

For more information on the IBC-M, please visit our Press section, or contact us.

Corporate and Management

Accounting and Auditing

Administrative and Others

Concierge Services