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Minimum wage increase

The two parties that support the majority in Madeira’s Legislative Assembly consider it reasonable and realistic to set the regional minimum wage at 682 euros (still the lowest in Western Europe).

The proposal, approved by Madeira’s Legislative Assembly, of the Regional Government, which was agreed by most social and economic stakeholders, represents a net increase of 31.12 euros compared to 2020 (i.e. an increase of 4,8%), and a 32% increase compared to 2015.

Once it receives assent from the Representative of the Republic on the Autonomous Region of Madeira, the minimum wage law will take effect retroactively, i.e. January 1st 2021.


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Minimum Wage Raise


The Council of Ministers has approved, today, the update of the Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Remuneration (aka Minimum Wage) to EUR 635 (six hundred and thirty-five euros), effective on 1 January 2020.

The XXII Government has included the sustained raise of the minimum wage in its Program.

The objective of deepening, in the context of negotiation in the framework of social consultation, the path of raising the national minimum wage, is to achieve a target minimum wage € 750 by 2023.

According the the Portuguese Government: “the minimum wage is an important benchmark for the job market, both from the perspective of decent work and social cohesion, as well as the competitiveness and sustainability of companies. The update of this figure from € 600 in 2019 to € 635 in 2020 is estimated to cover around 720,000 workers in Portugal.

Given the above the minimum wage in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which currently is of EUR 615, is expected to be raised by Regional Government around the same time as the national minimum wage.

All companies, including those incorporated within the framework of the International Business Center of Madeira are required to update the wages of its workers who get paid the minimum wage.

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