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What are the Advantages?

Obtaining Portuguese citizenship translates not only into the acquisition of all rights provided by the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic but also into the acquisition of European Union citizenship, which allows freedom of movement and establishment in any Member State of the Union.

Move Freely in the EU Area

Get Benefits of the Portuguese Passport

Acess to All Rights Provided by the Constitution of Portugal

Different Type of Applications

Non-Habitual Resident Portugal

How to Obtain Citizenship

All the Requirements to Get Portuguese Citizenship

If you want to apply, you can apply for Portuguese citizenship in several ways:

Portuguese Citizenship by Marriage (or Civil Union)

Citizenship by Descendants

Citizenship by Adoption

Citizenship by Naturalization

Citizenship for minors (or incapacitated)

Citizenship by belonging to a Portuguese Community abroad

Citizenship for relevant services to the Portuguese State or to the Portuguese Community

Non-Habitual Resident Portugal

What Can We Talk About?

We can provide you with an hour of Online or an Office meeting about your doubts about obtaining Portuguese Citizenship. We can discuss the following:

About your situation

How to proceed

What is the cost

What to do before applying

About your family

Other Portuguese programs


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MCS can help you answer all your questions about how to be a Portuguese citizen. Our team of lawyers and board-certified accountants is prepared to assist you in making the right move.

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